Big Numbers, Boxes and Odds


The topic related to big numbers, boxes and odds is one which can bring you a lot of profit on a long term. even if there are a lot of things which seem to be already known, their development can still be beneficial. Some things will be original, while others will be only applications. Things are not always very simple, so here are some things to help you understand better.

Let’s say that we have twenty-one balls: seven white ones, seven red ones and seven black balls. We put them in a transparent bowl and we mix them. We make twenty-one draws. The balls are guided to a pipe and we have three covered spots at the end of the pipe, which only open up one at a time. Also, we have a transparent cylinder under each spot. The question is what the distribution is after the last draw. We also have three choices. The first one supposes that we have seven balls in each cylinder. The second one supposes that we have an approximately equal number, such as eight, seven and six. Last but not least, we suppose we get two cylinders containing an equal number of balls, while the third one only contains a very small number of balls.

The same thing goes with betting. We have all kinds of choices, which can be luckier or less lucky. You need to be a bit courageous to take up betting, too, but in the end, it is worth taking some chances from time to time.

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