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accumulationAccumulation of wealth – control riches – govern the bankroll

I will get to the point quite rapidly here, if you are to survive the casino climbing frame of opportunity, then your bankroll must do it for you. It is not the consistent deposits nor the staggered jackpots of which will determine your long term success, it is the dedication of strategic action within a system you can depend. We find ourselves overlooking the most simple aspect of casino conquering most of the time, the answer is simple yet easier said than done. The answer is small and direct advancements in wealth accumulation, success is not chasing dreams for the one of win, it is the smart routine of continuous streaks, both big and small, either way, they are profiteering experiences of a winning nature.

When your success is looming, the time for mistakes will also increase, it’s these often impending moments that must be avoided, don’t lose that firm grasp over the profits you now hold, don’t play out of your depth and avoid high rolling, this be it the pitfall of the losing player majority.

I’ve said this many times, through my own history and through analysing years of notepad inclusions for my gaming outcomes, the bankroll has always decided the outcome, away from the swinging pendant of luck and the unforgivable nature of bad decision, standing above all other factors in online gambling, is the bankroll management behind that game.

More often than not, when my bankroll has taken a major tumble from loss, it is playing out of my bankroll level which has left me unable to recover, you must learn to harness and obey such a master as your bankroll decides the landslide moment that defines your cash filled pockets or not.

Taking advantage of the accumulation effect

In casino gambling, our objective sits on the back of financial vanity, of course we are there for money, yes it’s fun and yes it’s quite exciting, but at the end of the day, our reasons of involvement may perhaps have something to do with the cash value on offer that can be substantial in cases.

The accumulation effect is the gathering of elements in order to accumulate collection, in nature accumulation effect can occur in degradation of waste in a landfill by gathering vast amounts of bacteria and allowing accumulation. Accumulating in salt extraction from sea water and also a property developers one building and selling four rooms or a millionaires business plan. We take one part of something and use it to generate another, well, we can do this with casino credits, yet there is system and control that must be adhered to.

Taking advantage of what you have for accumulation like all growth efforts must conform to the limits of the bankroll. Our bankroll for my example will be twenty dollars, small i know, but modest for our example of accumulation.

Remember that accumulation in gambling relies upon not what you do in losing, but what you do in winning, it is designed that through the duration of your game, win or loss, that the bankroll can be self sustaining. That is what a bankroll is for, it must achieve two primal functions, to aid profit and to cushion loss.

So we have twenty dollars, i break this down into ten accumulators of two dollars each. These accumulators will be used as successive pulse bets that will form a wave of play over any given period. So then, i’ll choose a game, say roulette. I will not get too involved and play a careful game. I stick with double or nothing placements, red or black, odd or even and nothing more. This is very important.

The method of accumulator betting

Lets say we place two dollars now on red, if we hit red then we double up. However you must forget about that win and assume you are still playing with the whole twenty dollars and not twenty two. Play like this and you’ll soon start reaping from the rewards of controlled financial gambling.

The aim is accumulation and are therefore using one amount to generate another, the won amount must never become part of the betting stake you entered into that particular game with. Ok so the winning is good and we’re happy with that, ok, the trick is loss and therefore using the bankroll as a protective device, pure and simple.

If you’ve played three bets and have lost on those three occasions and those losses are continuous over those three bets, now normally in double or nothing bets this does not happen too often, but when it does, here’s what to do.

Divide the remainder of the bankroll into two parts – a cushion and an accumulator value. Carry on playing with the accumulator value double or nothing, now each time you lose, place an opposite bet from the cushion part but only half of the betting value, so two dollars. This is the key to surviving a downswing, it is the bounce back ability which creates multiple chances in both winning and losing scenarios.

Now my numbers are small and i will play continuous until i reach an accumulation of around fifty percent, so when i have 30 dollars, i will leave the game. Most gamblers go for doubling up, this can take time and patience, with a 50 percent margin, your twice as likely to reach it both more often and in half the time.

Now utilise this value to a bankroll of over a thousand dollars and you have something very interesting, if of course you have the patience to carry it off.

Play with patience and play with method, that’s all there is to it, gambling is just a game at the end of the day.

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