The Trump Factor in the US Online Gambling Debate


“Will the online gambling discussion receive a boost as Donald Trump surges in the Republican primary?”

Donald Trump is used to spending a lot of time in the spotlight, even though he frequently does it for all the wrong reasons. With his foray into US politics, he has plenty of new opportunities to make his voice heard and has a reputation of not missing out on any of such chances. With the Republican Party still trying to find a way to handle this hot potato that Trump’s candidacy represents, the online gamblers might be the unintended beneficiaries.

Positive Aspects of Trump’s Newfound Hobby

Donald has a snowflake’s chance in hell to be elected president of the United States, but this campaign provides him with a chance to speak his mind. One thing that has already made the list of topics worth debating is online gambling and the potential changes to existing legislation. Given his tight connections with the casino industry in general and online gambling in particular, Trump is likely to push for changes.

He is one of the few supporters of legalizing online gambling in the GOP and definitely the most vocal one. With so many American states trying to make ends meet, the capital generated by online gambling is no longer a source of money to ignore. Trump’s motto is “go big or go home” and he is very likely to make bold statements and aim much higher than any of his political counterparts. Not even a bill legalizing online gambling nationwide would come as a surprise.

How Things Could Backfire for Online Gamblers

Donald Trump is a flamboyant person in general and an explosive politician, but in the end this could be his downfall. His recent comments regarding his counter candidates were dismissed as ridiculous or regarded as simply outrageous.

The Republican Party supports healthy competition but candidates should keep in mind that they are fighting Democrats first and foremost. If Trump keeps producing offending statements, there is a real danger of most if not all the suggestions made during the campaign to be ignored completely, once the race comes to an end.

Last but definitely not least, Donald Trump opposes Sheldon Adelson, the gambling mogul that vehemently opposes online gambling. Sheldon has plenty of money and is willing to spend as much as it takes to kill any gambling bill in its infant stage. He is also the main supporter of several Republican candidates, including those regarded as favorites to take on a Democrat in the race for the White House.

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